by Emma Foehringer Merchant
March 04, 2019

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Come join us for a GTM Squared interactive call on Wednesday, March 6 at 2:00 p.m. EST. This quarter's call will focus on the companies, technologies and policies enabling the low-carbon energy transition.

Emma Foehringer Merchant, author of Squared's The Lead, will kick off with a presentation and expert commentary on the most important storylines so far in 2019, including:

  • Everyone's got a forecast. We'll look at the market research outlining where analysts see the future going. How do you draw conclusions from the piles of research papers that come out every month?
  • State policy spearheading the transition. California, Hawaii, New Jersey, Washington and New York are moving toward 100% renewables. After the latest elections, a new slate of governors could push even more states toward those goals.
  • Corporates take a leading position. In the absence of federal policy, economics are guiding the biggest energy consumers toward the clean energy transition.
  • Utilities and oil and gas majors see the light. How are traditional fossil fuel players thinking about the impact renewables will have on their businesses?
  • Technologies central to the transition. Conversations surrounding the transition focus on replacing thermal sources with wind and solar, but there are several ancillary technologies that will make these transitions possible (and in the case of EVs, potentially make it more challenging).

Emma will be joined by Julia Pyper and Julian Spector for an editorial roundtable after the presentation. The group will debate and discuss topics on all the factors affecting the energy transition and take questions from audience members.

You can also submit questions in advance that you'd like Emma and the Squared team to address on the call. Email your questions today to [email protected].