by Emma Foehringer Merchant
August 10, 2020

Last week, Fortune 500 energy company AES added a new startup to the growing stable of clean energy companies it’s supporting.

AES bought a 25 percent stake in 5B, an Australian company producing prefabricated solar arrays that stretch out like an accordion when installed on-site. It's a solar innovation that AES CEO Andrés Gluski tells GTM “could become massive” as it is deployed at scale.

5B says its solar arrays, built offsite and then transported for quick construction, are three times faster to install than a traditional single-axis tracking system. Because the system doesn’t use aisles and crams panels into spaces 25 to 50 percent smaller than those more traditional systems, the company also claims its product — called Maverick — produces 40 to 45 percent more power per square foot.