by Stephen Lacey
February 13, 2017

Last year was a good one for U.S. community solar. Utilities and third-party developers completed 343 megawatts of projects, a strong increase from the 125 megawatts completed in 2015.

By 2019, the yearly market will reach half a gigawatt. That means one-fifth of all non-residential installations will be community solar projects. 

But look behind the numbers and you’ll quickly see that the market for shared solar projects is incredibly lumpy. The complexity of program design, project structure, and customer acquisition all make community projects hard to complete. In this week's podcast, we’re going to unwind that complexity and ask if community solar will ever scale in a sustainable way.

We're joined by GTM Research's Cory Honeyman, who recently co-authored a report on the outlook for the community solar market.

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