by Stephen Lacey
March 08, 2016

Australia is quickly becoming one of the most important markets for behind-the-meter batteries. High insolation rates and rising electricity prices have allowed residential solar to blossom  -- bringing PV to well over 1.5 million rooftops across the country.

As feed-in tariffs in Australia decline, more PV owners are finding it beneficial to self-consume their solar electricity. Consequently, a growing list of retail energy providers, battery vendors and solar installers are offering batteries to homeowners looking to cut their interactions with the grid. 

By 2020, Australia's yearly storage market will hit 244 megawatts. Ninety percent of those installations will be located behind the meter in households or commercial sites.

This week, we talk with Brett Simon, a storage analyst with GTM Research, about why Australia's distributed storage market is primed to take off.

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