by Julia Pyper
June 16, 2018

A group of CEOs from the nation’s largest investor-owned utilities took to the stage at the Edison Electric Institute Annual Convention in early June to discuss the latest opportunities and challenges facing their companies.

Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good, who was just elected to serve as EEI Chairman for 2018-2019, kicked off the conversation by highlighting her top priority as the leader of the association: to further promote utilities as a customer-centric industry.

“As I think about the transformation that's underway — the new technologies that are being introduced, the fact that our customers are expecting more from us — the history of undifferentiated products and running a bulk power system will really minimize our transformation if we just leave it there,” she said.

“But if we go beyond it and really embrace the notion of customer experience and customer value in a way that I know that we're capable of, I believe we will transform in a way that delivers great value…exceeding expectations, [providing] more choices, more channels, more technologies,” Good added.

As regulated entities, a lot of what IOUs do is subject to policy debate. So in this week’s column we’re going to look at energy industry trends and priorities from the utility CEO’s perspective.