by Julia Pyper
October 19, 2018

I initially launched this column for selfish reasons — to help keep myself up to date on the many state clean energy policy developments in the U.S. Since we launched State Bulletin three years ago, I hope this column has done the same for you.

In that time the state policy landscape has changed quite a bit. It’s arguably become even more complex as an increasing number of states have started to grapple with how to reform utility business models and embrace clean energy resources.

In fact, there are now so many policy updates it’s difficult to cover them effectively in a single column. For that reason, GTM will focus on covering the latest and most significant clean energy policy news on our public news site, while I shift my attention in Squared to the world of electrified transportation. I’ll be covering everything from electric trucks to EV charging networks to Tesla and, yes, a healthy dose of EV related policy.

So I hope you will join me as I embark down Electric Avenue! You can read my first column in the new series here. For now, to send off State Bulletin, I leave you with some of the most important state policy topics and trends to watch as the clean energy transition continues to accelerate.