by Nicolas Rinaldi
July 29, 2016

Below are the key takeaways from the week in solar, grid edge, energy storage, and other news.

Solar News

22.5 Gigawatts AC
The cumulative solar capacity operating in the U.S. at the end of 2015. This week, SEPA released the 2015 Solar Market Snapshot report, which surveys 350 utilities to pinpoint key market trends. (story)

1.5 Gigawatts
The generating capacity managed by retail energy provider MP2 Energy in Texas. SolarCity is partnering with MP2 to build out a residential solar portfolio in Texas, even with the absence of a net metering policy, by selling solar generation into ERCOT wholesale markets. (story)

Amendment 4
The Florida ballot initiative that would authorize the state legislature to exempt solar projects on commercial and industrial properties from real property tax and the tangible personal property tax for leased equipment. This week, Julia Pyper dives into Florida's mixed bag of clean energy policy initiatives. (story)

18,000 Customers
The number of existing residential solar customers in NV Energy territory who would have fallen victim to the utility's retroactive net metering cuts. This week, NV Energy backed off the controversial plan, filing to grandfather existing solar customers into the utility's previous net metering regime. (story)

2 Million Jobs
The number of net jobs that could be created by developing a solar-powered LED market to supply the roughly 274 million off-grid households globally. (story)

12,000 Jobs
The number of jobs recently lost by the U.K. solar industry. A series of deep cuts to Britain's solar promotion programs over the last year is catching up to local companies. (story)

Grid Edge News

$10.1 Billion
The global forecasted market for AMI analytics solutions and integration services through 2021, according to a new report from GTM Research. (story)

2.5 Million Customers
The number of commercial and residential customers of Constellation, the largest competitive energy supplier in the U.S. This week, Constellation acquired ConEdison Solutions to expand its reach in strategic deregulated markets. (story)

1.3 Million
The number of smart meters that Massachusetts electric utility, National Grid, has contracted from Itron as part of the utility's 10-year grid modernization plan. (story)

9.7 Gigawatts
The amount of demand response capacity available for the 2016/2017 delivery year in PJM. This week, GTM Research analyst Elta Kolo looks at how PJM's new demand response auction rules are balancing an evolving resource mix with reliability. (story)

Energy Storage News

3 Big Acquisitions
Jason Deign looks at the three biggest acquisitions in the energy storage market so far in 2016. (story)

$4.5 Billion
The amount in loan guarantees that the White House is unlocking to support innovation in EV-charging hardware and software. (story)

$87.4 Million
The total spend of an alternative proposal to PG&E's EV charging plan. The alternative is backed by industry players like ChargePoint and Volta, and it aims to eliminate anti-competitive aspects of PG&E's original $160 million proposal. (story)

5 Questions
GTM Research's Ravi Manghani sat down to answer five important questions about the U.S. commercial energy storage market, including a look at the states where commercial storage will become economically viable over the next five years. (story)

2 Years
Adding an extra two years to National Grid U.K.'s enhanced frequency response contracts, taking them from four years to six, could significantly impact the price of energy storage in the U.K., according to a new report. (story)

KfW 275
The German incentive for energy storage that currently covers 22 percent of system costs. GTM Research estimates that the incentive's step-down schedule combined with high retail electricity rates and the country's abundance of installed renewables will make Germany a US$1 billion storage market by 2021. (story)

15 Seconds
The time it will take Swiss bus operator Tosa to top off its electric bus fleet with ABB's 600-kilowatt flash charge technology. This week, ABB received an order from Tosa to deploy the charging technology in Geneva. (story)

The runtime of former Nest CEO Tony Fadell's interview with Randy Komisar of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers on the Ventured podcast. Stephen Lacey dissects the interview and shares it this week with our readers. (story)

Other Energy

150 Gigawatts
The potential hydropower capacity in the U.S. by 2050, according to the Department of Energy. The DOE sees the growth of new technologies, access to lower-cost financing, and environmental factors as the drivers for expanding the market from its current 101-gigawatt capacity. (story)