by Nicolas Rinaldi
October 07, 2016

Below are the key takeaways from the week in solar, grid edgeenergy storage, and other energy news.

Solar News

The number of solar project quotes needed to dramatically increase solar sales conversions. This week, the Energy Gang sits down with EnergySage's CEO to get inside the minds of solar consumers. (story)

5 Times
Republican voters and elected officials in California are five times more likely to own solar PV than their Democrat counterparts. (story)

20 States
The number of states where utility-scale solar is thriving in the U.S., according to GTM Research. (story)

The percentage by which Enphase Energy will be reducing its workforce amidst larger company restructuring. (story)

2,000 Watts per Meter
The approximate energy intensity for indoor marijuana grow ops, rivaling even data centers in markets where harvesting the drug is legal. (story)

46th State
They don't smoke marijuana in Oklahoma, as Merle Haggard reminds us, but it is a place where Squares can have a ball. That's because the state is now looking to leverage its experience in wind to develop a solar market and expand on 5.2 megawatts of existing capacity. (story)

Grid Edge News

The preorder retail price for Google Home, a new connected-home device that Google debuted this week. (story)

30 Months Old
The age of New York's Reforming the Energy Vision program. Last week, GTM hosted New York REV Future 2016 in Brooklyn. Katherine Tweed comes out of that event seeing how some of the shine is wearing off REV as the hard work sets in. (story)

As a Squared member, you are able to watch all the video-on-demand from New York REV Future 2016. (story)

$12 Million
The latest round of VC funding for Gridco, a startup offering next-generation power electronics devices to actively manage voltage and reactive power at the distribution circuit level. (story)

The percentage by which EnerNOC will be reducing the workforce for its enterprise energy efficiency business unit. (story)

Energy Storage News

$700 Million
The amount of VC funding for no-money-down distributed storage financing announced this year. This week, Julian Spector looks at how the expansion of accessible financing will play a vital role in the growth of storage. (story)

15 Years Old
The age of fuel cell startup Bloom Energy. This week, reports surfaced that Bloom has confidentially registered for an upcoming IPO. (story)

4 New Laws
The number of new laws enacted by the California legislature to spur energy storage deployment in the state. (story)

100 Megawatt-Hours
The energy storage target by 2020 announced by the New York city government last week. (story)

10 Megawatts
The capacity of GE Current's battery-gas turbine hybrid project that the company is developing for Southern California Edison. (story)

25 Kilowatt-Hours
The capacity of flywheel energy storage project that Amber Kinetics will provide to Hawaii Electric. (story)

28.3 Watt-Hours per Kilogram
The energy capacity achieved by the Leibniz Institute for New Materials for a new supercapacitor using potassium ferricyanide redox electrolyte. (story)

Other Energy News

6 Charts
The number of charts from the U.S. Department of Energy that illustrate the coming energy revolution spurred by the commercialization of clean energy technologies. (story)

300 Barrels per Day
The reduction in U.S. gasoline consumption by 2035 as a result of EV adoption, according to a new report from Wood Mackenzie. (story)

The percentage of California's total energy usage devoted to operating the state's water aqueducts. This week, Jeff St. John explores how one company is using Tesla batteries to turn water treatment plants and pumps into energy assets. (story)

2 Kilometers
The length of the electric highway in Gävle, Sweden that employs an old-fashioned overhead power system, like those used to power trams, to electrify heavy-duty vehicles that are hard to move with existing battery technology alone. (story)