by Nicolas Rinaldi
September 09, 2016

Below are the key takeaways from the week in solar, grid edge, energy storage, and other energy news.

Solar News

93.9 FM
The station on the dial (here in New York City, at least) where you can listen to American Public Media's Marketplace. This week, Jigar Shah of Generate Capital takes umbrage with some of Marketplace's recent reporting on the impact of clean energy jobs in the U.S. (story)

September 14
The deadline for SolarCity's "go-shop period," during which the company can actively seek alternative acquisition proposals to Tesla's $2.6 billion bid. Eric Wesoff speculates on which other companies might have been interested in SolarCity at one point or another. (story)

$5 Million
The amount of Series A funding for solar fintech startup kWh Analytics. The fund was lead by Anthemis Group and Engie New Ventures. (story)

4 Presentations
The number of presentations that GTM Research analysts will give at Solar Power International next week in Las Vegas. If you'll be at the event, stop by LVCC North Hall, Booth #171 to catch the analysts in action. (story)

Grid Edge News

January 1, 2018
The proposed deadline by the California Public Utilities Commission to eliminate certain fossil-fuel backup generation resources from participating in the state's demand response program. This week, Jeff St. John examines the changes proposed for demand response in California. (story)

Energy Storage News

$750 per Kilowatt-hour
The price of a new modular energy storage system unveiled this week by NEC Energy Solutions that combines batteries, inverters and control systems in a pre-fab package. (story)

41.2 Megawatts
The energy storage capacity installed in the U.S. in Q2 2016, according to a new report from GTM Research and the Energy Storage Association. (story)

The percentage of forecasted global energy storage capacity that will be deployed in Asia-Pacific by 2024, according to a new report. (story)

70% to 80% Capacity
The capacity at which an EV's battery needs to be replaced. This week, Julian Spector looks at the applications and economics of second-life EV battery markets. (story)

The element composition of liquid silicon. An Oklahoma-based company and its subsidiary are aiming to replace silanes currently used for certain types of anode manufacturing with liquid silicon, making the storage and movement of lithium-ion batteries more secure. (story)

Other Energy

$63.5 Billion
The amount invested by the World Bank between 2000 and 2014 in electricity access for developing countries. Still, there are more than 1.5 billion people globally without access to energy services. The Energy Gang asks why this large-scale investment has been relatively ineffective. (story)

$1.9 Billion
The current size of the market in the U.S. for the management of fracked water. A new report from Wood Mackenzie sees even greater untapped opportunity for water management in the sector. (story)

$17 Million
The funding raised by Terrestrial Energy for the company's novel nuclear reactor, which employs an Integrated Molten Salt Reactor design based on Manhattan Project-related research carried out in the 1960s. (story)

The reduction in natural-gas generation year-over-year for summer months in the U.S. Renewables and imports are replacing natural gas. (story)