by Nicolas Rinaldi
January 13, 2017

Below are the key takeaways from the week in grid edge, solar, energy storage and other energy news.

Grid Edge News

76 Recommendations
The number of recommendations from U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz for securing and modernizing the country's electric grid. The secretary oversaw the publication of the Obama administration's Quadrennial Energy Review this week. (story)

309 Megawatts
The load that Baltimore Gas & Electric shaved during its 2015 peak season using the utility's Opower-enabled Smart Energy Rewards program. This week, Jeff St. John takes an in-depth look at how the utility is deploying behavioral-based demand response. (story)

5 Smart Home Trends
The smart home market attracted hundreds of companies to CES in Las Vegas last week. Katie Fehrenbacher goes through her show notes and brings us the five biggest trends informing the smart home of the future. (story)

Solar News

4 Years
The average payback period for a 5-kilowatt solar system in Massachusetts. The state ranks as the friendliest to rooftop in the U.S., according to Solar Power Rocks. We present the complete state rankings this week. (story)

10 Stories and Under
The height at which any new building in San Francisco must include rooftop solar. The ordinance passed last year went into effect on January 1. (story)

9 Megawatts
Residential solar capacity additions in South Carolina in Q3 2016. This week, GTM Research highlights how installers are positioning for success in this growing state market. (story)

$10 Million
The investment that T.J. Rodgers, founder of Cypress Semiconductor, and John Doerr, chairman of Kleiner Perkins, made in the beleaguered Enphase this week. (story)

100 Megawatts
The capacity of NV Energy's Boulder Solar I solar PV plant in Nevada. The plant is making it possible for the city of Las Vegas to satisfy a big chunk of energy demand for its 45,000 streetlights and 200,000 square feet of buildings with solar. (story)

Energy Storage News

8 Market Entrants
The number of companies that introduced products in the growing U.S. energy storage market last year. Julian Spector reviews what each of them bring to the table. (story)

3 Energy Storage Startups
Eric Wesoff profiles UtilityAPI, Axiom Exergy, and FreeWire Technologies -- three startups that were featured in his speed-pitch session at last month's U.S. Energy Storage Summit. (story)

3 Megawatts
The installed energy storage capacity of Demand Energy, a U.S.-based developer and operator of storage systems and software. This week, Italian utility Enel acquired Demand for an undisclosed amount. (story)

Level 4 Autonomy
The level of Honda’s NeuV concept car debuted last week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Julia Pyper reports back from CES on announcements by Honda and Nissan on their new EVs with grid services capabilities. (story)

373 Miles
The range of Samsung SDI's high-energy-density battery cell for EVs. The company plans to start commercial production of the battery in 2021. (story)

Other Energy News

71 Fortune 100 Companies
The number of Fortune 100 companies that currently have renewable energy or sustainability targets, up from 60 companies just two years ago. Julia Pyper uncovers how corporations are driving the U.S. clean energy boom. (story)

The 29th State
Iowa is the state most hospitable to corporate renewable energy procurement, according to a new report. (story)

$287.5 Billion
The global investment in renewables and low-carbon technologies in 2016, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. That marks a 18 percent decrease over 2015 investment. (story)

97 Percent
The percentage of U.S. capacity additions in 2015 that came from wind, solar and natural gas. This week, President Obama published an article in Science magazine, arguing for continued support of clean energy, laying out a compelling business case. (story)

10 Clean Energy Stocks
Tom Konrad, manager of the Green Global Equity Income Portfolio, advises cleantech investors on the stocks to watch in 2017. (story)