by Jeff St. John
January 09, 2020

This three-part paper from Jeff St. John provides insights on the near-, medium- and long-term goals and impacts of energy policy and power utility regulation in California. As the leader in state-level energy policy, what happens in California today will define markets and opportunities for energy players in the coming decades. Click here to join GTM Squared and download today.

Table of Contents

Section 1. Near-Term Focus: Wildfires and Bankruptcy
  • PG&E Pledges to Honor Renewable Contracts in Bankruptcy Plan
  • San Francisco Offers $2.5B to Take Over Its Share of PG&E’s Grid
  • California Assembly Passes $21B Wildfire Fund for Utilities
  • SDG&E Introduces New Wildfire Response Measures and Equipment
  • California Supercharges Battery Incentive for Wildfire-Vulnerable Homes
  • Year-End Developments in PG&E’s Bankruptcy: Clashing Short-Term and Long-Term Demands
  • California Regulators Launch Investigation Into PG&E’s Fire-Prevention Blackouts
Section 2. Medium-Term Priority: Ensuring Reliability
  • California Demands 3.3 GW of New Resources as Grid Shortfall Looms
  • Proposal Emerges for a Central Buyer for California’s Grid Reliability Needs
  • California’s Complicated Path to Changing Its Resource Adequacy Rules
  • Dissecting the Role of Community-Choice Aggregators in California’s Integrated Resource Plan
  • Goldman Sachs Becomes Solar Supplier to California CCAs as Its Acquisition Spree Continues
  • Sunrun Wins Another Capacity Contract for Aggregated Home Storage
  • Oakland to Swap Jet-Fuel-Burning Peaker Plant for Urban Battery
  • An Inside Look at a Groundbreaking Solar-Storage Procurement in California
  • Massive Solar-Battery Plant Wins Approval in L.A., Overcoming Union Concerns
  • Another California City Drops Gas Peaker in Favor of Clean Portfolio
  • What Comes Next After Batteries Replace Gas Peakers?
  • Cutting the Carbon From California’s Self-Generation Incentive Program
  • What California Utilities Have Learned From Smart Inverter Pilots
  • Leap and Google Nest Launch Smart Thermostat-to-Energy-Market Offering
  • California’s Resource Adequacy Program Hits Snag on Out-of-State Imports
Section 3. Long-Term Goals: Canceling Carbon and Electrifying Everything
  • Unlocking Northern California’s Offshore Wind Bounty
  • California Community-Choice Aggregator Sees Promise in Floating Offshore Wind
  • California Regulators Open a New Chapter in Utility EV Charging Policy
  • 2020 Looks Like the Breakout Year for Building Decarbonization in California
  • Lessons Learned From California’s Pioneering Microgrids
  • Few Opportunities, No Contracts: Slow Progress for Non-Wires Alternatives in California
  • California Looks at Tariffs, Not Contracts, to Put Distributed Energy to Use as Grid Resources