by Jeff St. John
January 09, 2020
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This three-part paper from Jeff St. John provides insights on the near-, medium- and long-term goals and impacts of energy policy and power utility regulation in California. As the leader in state-level energy policy, what happens in California today will define markets and opportunities for energy players in the coming decades.

Table of Contents

Section 1. Near-Term Focus: Wildfires and Bankruptcy
  • PG&E Pledges to Honor Renewable Contracts in Bankruptcy Plan
  • San Francisco Offers $2.5B to Take Over Its Share of PG&E’s Grid
  • California Assembly Passes $21B Wildfire Fund for Utilities
  • SDG&E Introduces New Wildfire Response Measures and Equipment
  • California Supercharges Battery Incentive for Wildfire-Vulnerable Homes
  • Year-End Developments in PG&E’s Bankruptcy: Clashing Short-Term and Long-Term Demands
  • California Regulators Launch Investigation Into PG&E’s Fire-Prevention Blackouts
Section 2. Medium-Term Priority: Ensuring Reliability
  • California Demands 3.3 GW of New Resources as Grid Shortfall Looms
  • Proposal Emerges for a Central Buyer for California’s Grid Reliability Needs
  • California’s Complicated Path to Changing Its Resource Adequacy Rules
  • Dissecting the Role of Community-Choice Aggregators in California’s Integrated Resource Plan
  • Goldman Sachs Becomes Solar Supplier to California CCAs as Its Acquisition Spree Continues
  • Sunrun Wins Another Capacity Contract for Aggregated Home Storage
  • Oakland to Swap Jet-Fuel-Burning Peaker Plant for Urban Battery
  • An Inside Look at a Groundbreaking Solar-Storage Procurement in California
  • Massive Solar-Battery Plant Wins Approval in L.A., Overcoming Union Concerns
  • Another California City Drops Gas Peaker in Favor of Clean Portfolio
  • What Comes Next After Batteries Replace Gas Peakers?
  • Cutting the Carbon From California’s Self-Generation Incentive Program
  • What California Utilities Have Learned From Smart Inverter Pilots
  • Leap and Google Nest Launch Smart Thermostat-to-Energy-Market Offering
  • California’s Resource Adequacy Program Hits Snag on Out-of-State Imports
Section 3. Long-Term Goals: Canceling Carbon and Electrifying Everything
  • Unlocking Northern California’s Offshore Wind Bounty
  • California Community-Choice Aggregator Sees Promise in Floating Offshore Wind
  • California Regulators Open a New Chapter in Utility EV Charging Policy
  • 2020 Looks Like the Breakout Year for Building Decarbonization in California
  • Lessons Learned From California’s Pioneering Microgrids
  • Few Opportunities, No Contracts: Slow Progress for Non-Wires Alternatives in California
  • California Looks at Tariffs, Not Contracts, to Put Distributed Energy to Use as Grid Resources

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