Morning Theme: Navigating Uncertainty - Key Considerations for the Next 5 Years
Industry Perspective: Electricity Market Design

An established belief -- how electricity markets are structured today and their shortcomings -- have become center stage in key policy and regulatory arenas in virtually all 50 states. In this Day 2 opener, we look to dissect the elements of an ideal (or at least optimized) market structure that rewards for asset performance and optimal management of generation sources, a far cry from traditional utility energy delivery models in place for decades.

Keith Collins, Executive Director, Market Monitoring Unit, Southwest Power Pool
Prajit Ghosh, Head of Global Strategy, Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables
Alison Silverstein, , Independent Consultant
Scott A. Vogt, Vice President, Energy Acquisition, ComEd

Moderator: Steve Propper, Director, Consulting & Content Strategy, GTM Research

Networking Break
Afternoon Theme: Beyond Disruption - Architecting a New Energy Future
Blockchain: Transactive Energy is Becoming a Reality

Blockchain and distributed ledger-based platforms have the potential to underpin a broad set of changes in the electricity marketplace, from reducing costs associated with traditional utility billing processes and customer switching, to enabling peer-to-peer energy marketplaces. This panel of experts will make clear where blockchain is entering the electricity market today, its current limitations, and where blockchain infrastructure has the potential to reshape the energy landscape.

Stephen Callahan, Vice President, Global Strategy & Solutions for the Energy & Utilities Industry, IBM
Jon Creyts, Managing Director, Rocky Mountain Institute
Karl Kreder, Director of Energy, ConsenSys

Moderator: Scott Clavenna, Chairman, Greentech Media

Energy Storage & Wholesale Markets: Have We Found the 'Killer App' Yet?

Across technologies and decades, occasionally a feature or system will emerge that is so powerful or indispensable it defines a platform and elbows out the competition. As battery prices drop and wholesale market changes take shape, is it energy storage's time to disrupt an entire market? We will ask our panelists whether we have hit an inflection point for energy storage participation in wholesale markets, and if not, is the tipping point on the horizon?

Elaina Ball, Chief Operating Officer, Austin Energy
Jessica Harrison, Director of Research & Development, MISO
Matt Roberts, Executive Director, Energy Storage Association

Moderator: Daniel Finn-Foley, Head of Energy Storage, Wood Mackenzie

Closing Remarks