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Folsom Labs Logo
Folsom Labs develops HelioScope, an advanced PV system design tool that integrates system layout and performance modeling to simplify the process of engineering and selling solar projects.
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Sighten Logo
Sighten offers the leading software toolset for solar—a comprehensive and flexible platform spanning the entire project lifecycle from initial lead through to install. Built with care by a team of solar industry veterans, the Sighten platform helps solar companies and financiers optimize their businesses, driving growth and efficiency through technology.
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EagleView Technologies Logo
EagleView brings an intelligent approach to property data to the solar industry, energy utilities, roofing contractors, and other sectors throughout the world. The EagleView SunSite™ and SunSite Plus™ Reports deliver precise roof measurements, 3D models of structures and shade-causing objects, and CAD files designed to meet the needs of solar installers and designers at multiple stages of a photovoltaic (PV) project.
Neurio Logo
Neurio is a leading home energy management company that helps homeowners reduce their energy bills, while at the same time providing a higher level of customer engagement for solar providers. By using a single home sensor and smart cloud-based analytics, Neurio lets homeowners know what’s going on in their homes so they can gain better security, comfort and energy efficiency.
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Locus Energy Logo
Locus Energy is a solar monitoring and data analytics platform provider for the solar photovoltaic (PV) market spanning the residential, commercial, and utility sectors, with over 100,000 systems deployed across North America. Locus Energy’s cloud-based software aggregates, organizes, and analyzes performance data from multiple sources, making it easier to access, manage, and identify the causes of a solar system’s failure to meet performance expectations. Locus Energy is an affiliate of Genscape, the premier global commodity and energy information services company.
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Eltropy Logo
The Eltropy SaaS platform accelerates your revenue growth by improving sales cycle times and converting more solar and energy-storage leads to purchase and referral. Eltropy boosts sales with 1) a simple, intuitive online portal experience that keeps residential and commercial buyers moving forward, 2) back-end automation with our Salesforce app, and 3) real-time notifications and data analytics that improves the productivity and performance of each salesperson and project manager.
ENACT Systems Logo
ENACT’s SaaS platform provides end-to-end business process automation solutions for distributed energy developers, installers, investors as well as Utilities & Energy co-operatives. ENACT’s Enterprise platform is focused on lowering customer acquisition, operational and financing costs, while enabling incremental revenue growth for all stakeholders. ENACT Systems Inc. is headquartered in San Ramon, CA.
Energy Toolbase Logo
Energy Toolbase is an industry leading software platform for modeling and proposing the economics of solar PV and energy storage projects. Hundreds of the leading developers use our SaaS product to accurately, objectively and transparently perform utility rate analysis. Our in-house rates database spans 40 states and 190 utility territories. Energy Toolbase was built for the new era of project development and combined technology systems, where the grid edge will continue to rapidly evolve.
Exel Solar - Ecotiza Logo
Ecotiza at its core is a proposal generator designed specifically to optimize and facilitate your sales team by taking away the technical complexity of the system and string design as well as calculating economical and ecological benefits over time. Based on our PV installation experience since 2007, Ecotiza was created in 2011 with the goal to save you time while keeping your data safe and accessible. Ecotiza integrates with Helioscope where we take the best solar design tool data to make your proposals turn into commitments. Ecotiza is powered by Exel Solar.
Wiser Capital Logo
Wiser Capital is a technology centric financial services firm enabling investments in unrated commercial solar projects anywhere from 100kW - 5MW. Wiser’s platform increases efficiencies for stakeholders with standardized documentation, solar analytics, and an automated comprehensive Wiser Solar Asset Rating (WSAR). The platform breaks down key barriers in the market with its objective WSAR score to calculate bankability, as well as uniformity and transparency to grow investor confidence.
Supporting Organizations
HeatSpring Logo
HeatSpring offers a robust portfolio of technical, expert-led online trainings and free resources for professionals in clean energy and green building. Beyond certification prep, HeatSpring's instructors have developed courses and lectures to provide solar professionals with the technical and business knowledge they need to design, develop, finance, and install, world-class solar systems. Earn continuing education credits for NABCEP, AIA, BPI, LEED and more.
The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) offers entry level knowledge assessment, professional certification, and company accreditation programs to renewable energy professionals throughout North America. Raising industry standards and promoting consumer confidence, NABCEP is known as the “gold standard” for solar professionals. S3 attendees can earn NABCEP CE Credits good toward initial certification or recertification. Apply today at
Solar Foundation Logo
The Solar Foundation® (TSF) is an independent 501(c) (3) nonprofit whose mission is to increase understanding of solar energy through strategic research and education that transform markets. TSF is considered the premier research organization on the solar workforce, employer trends, and the economic impacts of solar. We’re also a leading provider of educational materials on the economic impacts of solar for local governments through our work with the U.S. Department of Energy. In addition, TSF chairs the National Solar Schools Consortium, a group of stakeholders seeking to make solar a larger part of the national K-12 system.
Wunder Capital Logo
Wunder Capital uses a software-based approach to reduce both the monetary and time costs traditionally associated with solar finance. Wunder offers construction and long-term debt financing for commercial PV projects. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Wunder allows accredited individuals, trusts, family offices, foundations, hedge funds and pension funds to invest in the country’s new solar infrastructure. Wunder won the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2014 Sunshot Challenge and the COSEIA’s 2015 Summit Award.
Media Partner
GreenMatch Logo
GreenMatch is a guide to green energy, useful to those who are considering investing in green energy or just interested in the topic. We provide practical information for potential buyers of renewable sources of energy (mainly solar panels, heat pumps and boilers), and updated data regarding governmental programs and incentives in the UK. Plus, you can use to compare prices and supplier standards by requesting customized quotes for free.