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Moderator: Julian Spector, Staff Writer, Greentech Media

Panel: Orchestrating a Flexible Grid – Utility and Grid Operator Perspectives

With unprecedented levels of renewable penetration and decentralization marking the future of electricity systems, utilities and system operators are all prioritizing the same objective: to build a flexible grid.

From ramping up energy storage capacity across distribution networks to develop mechanisms to dispatch demand and make it shiftable, senior utility executives are starting to put strategies in place to add flexibility to the grid.

So what are they learning along the way? What key digital tools, aggregators and VPPs are crucial in adding flexibility to the grid? And how can the experience of these groundbreakers help other utilities as they decarbonize their footprints? #showall

Paul Barham, Senior Vice President of Delivery Engineering, Integrated Planning, Substation & Transmission, CPS Energy

Moderator: Scott Clavenna, Chairman, Greentech Media

Keynote Research Presentation: Mapping the DER Universe and Defining Its Flexible Capacity

Wood Mackenzie's Grid Edge research practice will unveil its U.S. DER Outlook, providing consolidated forecasts to 2025 for all classes of distributed energy resources in the United States.

This will be nurtured by Wood Mackenzie's unparalleled expertise and data in areas like distributed solar and storage, EV charging infrastructure, demand response and microgrids, as well as combined heat & power, natural gas, and grid-connected diesel. #showall

Fireside Chat with Enedis

As the operator of 97% of France's distribution network, Enedis is in a privileged position to scale smart grid and flexibility technologies and has already positioned itself as a global innovator in grid modernization.

This exclusive fireside chat with Enedis' Chief Technology Officer will shed light in ways American and international distribution utilities can learn from a leading European player. #showall

Antoine Jourdain, Chief Technical Officer, Enedis

Moderator: Elta Kolo, Ph.D., Grid Edge Content Lead, Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables

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Grid Operational Benefits: Harnessing DERs and Digital Tools
Panel: What’s in It for Utilities? System Value Behind DER Adoption and Digitalization

Minimizing T&D deferrals and improving resilience, load management and energy efficiency.

Josh Gould, Director of Innovation, Duquesne Light Company

Fireside Chat with IBM
Research Presentation: What M&A and Investment Trends Can Teach Us About the Future of the Grid Edge Space

Elta Kolo, Ph.D., Grid Edge Content Lead, Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables

Emerging Tech Speed Pitch

Thorsten Heller, CEO, Greenbird

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Live Podcast: Political Climate

Moderator: Julia Pyper, Contributing Editor, Greentech Media

The Power of Decentralization: Rethinking Resilience Through Microgrids
Fireside Chat with S&C and a Utility Partner

Moderator: Ben Kellison, Director, Grid Research, Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables

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Research Presentation: The State of U.S. Microgrid Development

Isaac Maze-Rothstein, Grid Edge Research Analyst, Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables

Panel: Emerging Trends in Customer-Sited Resource Strategies

Moderator: Brett Simon, Senior Analyst, Storage, Wood Mackenzie

Closing Case Study: Inside PG&E's Strategy to Face Wildfire Season with Distribution Generation-Enabled Microgrids

PG&E is seeking proposals for microgrids to cover 20 distribution feeders ranging from 4.9 MW to 69.9 MW and a cumulative peak of 522 MW across 20 projects.

This plan will have an enormous impact on the utility segment of the U.S. microgrid market. To put these figures into perspective: if all these microgrids were installed this year, these 20 projects would account for almost half of the 2020 microgrid market. #showall

Quinn Nakayama, Director of Integrated Grid Planning & Innovation, PG&E

Moderator: Isaac Maze-Rothstein, Grid Edge Research Analyst, Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables

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