Breakfast & Check-in
Welcome and Opening Polling Session: Get to Know the Audience
Keynote Panel: Digitalization as the Path Towards Reliability – In Pursuit of a More Reliable, Customer-Centric Utility

Data analytics, sensorization and AI are fueling a deep transformation across the electricity sector. Utilities are moving away from being mere commodity providers, becoming service-orientated, data-centric organizations that put the customer at the center of their business models.
We will kickstart the conference by highlighting some of the key innovation stories across the distribution utility universe, inviting senior executives that are sparking digital transformation, and already sensing positive outcomes in terms of reliability, resiliency, cost optimization and customer experience for their organizations. #showall

Jacob Tetlow, Vice President Transmission & Distribution Operations, APS
Ram Sastry, Vice President, Infrastructure & Business Continuity, American Electric Power

Networking Break

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The Data Revolution - Grid Intelligence Strategies
Research Presentation: The Data-Driven Transformation of the Distribution Utility, a Global Outlook

Ben Kellison, Director, Grid Research, Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables (Formerly GTM Research)

Panel: Cutting Through the Data Cacophony - Successes and Pitfalls in Developing a Culture of Data Harnessing

How are distribution utilities making the most of the countless data sets popping up across T&D networks? Leading IOUs and Munis will sit down to evaluate their data analytics strategies, breaking down early successes and pitfalls, and key benefits in real-time data acquisition and monitoring. #showall

Case Study: Edge Computing - Enabling Real-Time Decision-Making

A top tech player will co-present with an IOU client on how edge computing can be implemented to enhance resource coordination, including applications for inverter coordination and control.

Emerging Tech Pitch
Networking Lunch
Redefining Resiliency
Panel: Enabling More Resilient Grid Infrastructure Through Predictive Maintenance and Real-Time Data Analytics

As weather events become more extreme and unpredictable, the vulnerability of the T&D network has become a central point of focus for every utility in the United States. Extreme weather phenomena add up pressure and urgency to one of the biggest challenges faced by distribution utilities: Minimizing outages and downtime, identifying possible failures and ensuring maximum reliability across its footprints.
Several leading IOUs and Munis will gather to share their experiences in how IoT-enabled predictive maintenance and real-time data analytics can enhance reliability. #showall

Kate Sherwood, Vice President, Head of Sales, Centrica Business Solutions

Emerging Tech Pitch
Afternoon Break
The Rise of the Prosumer
Research Presentation: What’s Next for Customer Energy Management?

With customer adopting smart technologies at an accelerating pace, utilities are making use of connected devices, such as smart thermostats, plug load solutions, solar + storage and grid-interactive water heaters.
This Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables research presentation will explore what are the key benefits of these deployments, and which barriers to adoption persist. #showall

Fei Wang, Senior Grid Edge Analyst, Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables (formerly GTM Research)

Panel: Bracing for EV Mass Adoption

What structural and infrastructure transformations will make the EV revolution possible? How are DER management software tools, automation technologies and charging infrastructure contributing to this vital transformation for the grid of the future? #showall

Adam Langton, Energy Services Manager, BMW

Closing Interview: From Commodity Providers to Digital Service Companies – The Road to Customer Centricity

The rise of AI, digital twin simulation, voice interaction and other digital advancements is providing utilities with the tools to better serve a proactive, liquid customer.
The impact of these transformations goes beyond customer experience, deeply transforming utility business models, and signaling the path to the future of the utility-consumer relationship. #showall

Networking Reception