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GTM Research Presentation: Blockchain 101 & the State of the Market

Join GTM Research to learn the basics of blockchain and other distributed ledger technology; the presentation will cover basics of cryptography, smart contracts, blockchain architecture from consensus layers up through distributed applications, and the differences between various distributed ledger technologies, such as Bitcoin, ethereum, IOTA. The presentation will also cover the state of blockchain in the electricity market, including the main players, top applications and actual project deployments.

Colleen Metelitsa, Analyst, Grid Edge, GTM Research

The Blockchain: Exploring Distributed Ledger Technologies

Each blockchain technology has trade-offs in terms of data security (i.e. consensus protocols, permissions), transaction speed, and user operability. Hear experts discuss the pros and cons of various blockchains when integrated for energy specifically.

Jesse Morris, Principal, Rocky Mountain Institute

Networking Break
Fireside Chat

Tokenization enables the creation of a digital value - whether it be linked to a physical asset or simply access to the blockchain platform's benefits. Learn about how tokenization works and where its greatest potential lies.

Moderator: Scott Clavenna, Co-Founder & CEO, Greentech Media

The Start Up: Re-envisioning the Future

Energy startups will discuss why blockchain is important to their company offering, how they chose whether to go with a public or permissioned network, and envision where they see blockchain moving in 2018.

Killian Tobin, CEO, Omega Grid

Moderator: Stephen Lacey, Editor-in-Chief, Greentech Media

The Prosumer: Enabling a Transactive Grid

Whether trading energy with one's neighbors, settling demand response payments for the utility, or enabling EV charging across strangers, blockchain enables consumers and producers to transact in ways they couldn’t before. Start-ups, utilities, ESCOs and regulators discuss the changing dynamics with the entrance of blockchain.

Moderator: Colleen Metelitsa, Analyst, Grid Edge, GTM Research

The Utility: Optimizing Operations & Identifying New Opportunities

Blockchain isn’t just about peer to peer transactions; distributed ledger technology unlocks many potential efficiencies for utility business processes and the opportunity for new business models. This panel will explore how utilities identify use cases across the value chain, deal with education across departments, the technology shortcomings and what they are seeing as the most promising applications.

Nicholas Perls, Senior Analyst, National Grid

Moderator: David Groarke, Managing Director, Indigo Advisory Group

Networking Break
Utility Case Study

A utility will provide perspective on navigating planning an initial blockchain pilot

The Investor: Unlocking the Potential of Blockchain

Investors share how they cut through the blockchain hype to find good investments, where they see the trends going, and what they are most excited for in the next 1-3 years

Cassandra Bowe, Associate Vice President, Energy Impact Partners

Moderator: Scott Clavenna, Co-Founder & CEO, Greentech Media

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