Breakfast & Check-in
Welcome & Opening Remarks

Moderator: Julian Spector, Staff Writer, Greentech Media

Research Keynote

Sea to Shining Sea - Energy Storage as the Next Great American Pioneer

Daniel Finn-Foley, Head of Energy Storage, Wood Mackenzie

Panel: What Does a Winning Solar-plus-Storage Bid Look Like? Approaches to PPA Structuring and Risk Management

Gathering perspectives from leading investor-owned utilities and munis, this discussion will focus on strategies for risk management in solar-plus-storage PPAs, drawing on the key takeaways from recent RFPs.

Scott Zimmermann, Associate, Energy & Infrastructure, Wilson Sosini Goodrich & Rosati
Sam Whelan, Supervisor, Portfolio Planning and Rates, Holy Cross Energy
Matt Hone, Manager of Energy Storage and New Technologies, LADWP

Moderator: Emma Foehringer Merchant, Writer, Greentech Media

Networking Break

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A Matter of Scale – Trends in Large-Scale Storage Development
Fireside Chat: Taking Merchant Risk for Energy Storage Projects

This conversation with GlidePath shed light into the business case and strategy behind the recent round of wind-plus-storage merchant projects, as well as the broader trend of growing merchant risk in storage development projects.

This dialogue will emphasize the implications of price volatility on expected revenue projections, as well as future opportunities for monetizing grid services like energy arbitrage and energy shifting in ERCOT and SPP footprints. #showall

Peter Rood, Chief Development Officer, GlidePath

Moderator: Daniel Finn-Foley, Head of Energy Storage, Wood Mackenzie

Panel: Calculating Total Cost of Ownership for Utility-Scale Solar-plus-Storage Systems

Shared conclusions from the utility and developer partner behind one of the largest solar-plus-storage projects in the United States.

Ted Burhans, Director, Emerging Technology and Innovations, Tucson Electric Power
Dean Solon, Founder & CEO, Shoals Technologies Group
Brian Knowles, Senior Director, Energy Storage & Grid Analytics, Cypress Creek Renewables

Moderator: Ravi Manghani, Head of Solar, Wood Mackenzie

Fireside Chat: Battery System Safety

A system integrator will sit down to discuss battery safety concerns, understanding what lessons can be learned from recent incidents and what technologies can be deployed to mitigate fire risk and reduce the impact on downtime.

John Zahurancik, Chief Operating Officer, Fluence

Moderator: Julian Spector, Staff Writer, Greentech Media

Lunch Workshop: Realizing the Full Potential of Solar, Storage and Microgrids

Join Spirae and Wood Mackenzie for a workshop session that will evaluate the operational benefits and potential revenue streams for microgrids in distributed C&I scenarios. The workshop will break down how to lower the lifecycle cost of microgrids, deploy them at scale, and give end user better control over their energy infrastructure.

Sunil Cherian, Founder & CEO, Spirae

Panel: You Can Put a Price on Safety

How stringent new fire codes affect large-scale and distributed storage system designs, downtime and overall costs, and what system integrators and battery management software companies are doing mitigate that impact.

Rob Morgan, CEO, Energy Storage, GE Renewable Energy
Kamran Moradi, Chief Mechanical System Engineer, Wärtsilä Energy Storage & Optimization
Dhruv Patel, Vice President, EPC, McCarthy

Moderator: Brett Simon, Senior Analyst, Storage, Wood Mackenzie

Distributed Storage: The Cornerstone of Decentralization
Research Presentation

Residential Storage Business Models 2019 - Toward a New Paradigm

Brett Simon, Senior Analyst, Storage, Wood Mackenzie

Networking Break

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Panel: Outlining the Key C&I Storage Business Drivers

Leading C&I storage installers and energy majors actively investing in this segment of the storage market will discuss their take on fundamental decisions affecting their C&I growth strategies.

What sales channels are these C&I players relying on? Direct sales or channel partners? And are they focusing on a specific customer profile (like real estate or industrial)?

What are the implications of choosing leasing, PPAs or shared savings as a financing strategy?

What types of systems and project designs are performing better in a C&I context? And what do customers expect in terms of system warranties? How are all these factors impacting C&I project margins? #showall

Suparna Kadam, Director Of Business Development, EnterSolar
Josh Cornfeld, Vice President, Marathon Capital
Mike Seavey, Energy Storage Product Manager, Chint Power Systems

Moderator: Elta Kolo, Ph.D., Grid Edge Content Lead, Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables

Gauging the Impact of the Regulatory Push for Storage
Fireside Chat: Conclusions from VDER and SMART

A top C&I developer in both New York and Massachusetts will sit down to cover its experience with VDER and SMART programs when it comes to their impact on storage development.

Its unique experience as a key C&I player in these two state markets will evaluate what has been successful from these two programs, as well as what are the key roadblocks that have emerged over the course of the last year.

The end goal of this conversation is to understand how to make the most of VDER and SMART respectively, as well as outlining what components in these incentive mechanisms can emerge as models for other regions. #showall

Jacqueline DeRosa, Vice President Battery Energy Storage Systems, Ameresco

Moderator: Brett Simon, Senior Analyst, Storage, Wood Mackenzie

Closing Roundtable: Picking up the Check: The Impact of the Recent Wave of RPS Updates on Storage Development

We will end the day sitting down with senior utility executives and state regulators to examine the impact of the recent ramp-ups to Renewable Portfolio Standards across multiple states, as well as Clean Peak Standards.

Alice K. Jackson, President, Xcel Energy - Colorado
Mohamed Kamaludeen, Project Manager - Energy Storage, Con Edison
Frances A. Koncilja, Commissioner, Colorado Public Utilities Commission
Fernando Valero, Advanced Technologies Integration Manager, Energy Storage, San Diego Gas & Electric

Moderator: Ravi Manghani, Head of Solar, Wood Mackenzie

Networking Drinks Reception

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