Continental Breakfast & Check-In
GTM Research Keynote: California and the Distributed Energy Transformation

Drawing upon data and analysis from GTM's solar, energy storage and grid edge research teams, Shayle Kann will place California within the context of the national transition toward a distributed energy system.

Shayle Kann, Senior Vice President, Research & Strategy, Energy Impact Partners

Fireside Chat: Setting the Stage for CDEF

A one-on-one interview covering California's largest utility's views on distributed energy, the ongoing regulatory proceedings, and the future of the grid.

Steve Malnight, Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, PG&E

Moderator: Tony Brunello, President & Founder, More Than Smart

Keynote Panel: Distributed Energy Resources as Grid Assets

California is at the forefront of the push to consider distributed energy resources as assets to the grid. On this panel, leading experts discuss the benefits and challenges of shifting the lens through which distributed energy is viewed, and how markets must adjust to enable this transformation.

Caroline Choi, Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Southern California Edison
Mark Ferron, Member, Board of Governors, CAISO, Former Commissioner, CPUC
David L. Geier, Vice President, Electric Transmission & System Engineering, San Diego Gas & Electric

Moderator: Rick Thompson, President & Co-Founder, Greentech Media

Networking Break
The Future of Rates in a Distributed Energy Market

As distributed energy expands in California, electricity rate structures will take center stage. Tomorrow's rates should send appropriate price signals to customers while minimizing complexity and protecting lower-income ratepayers. In this session, experts on electricity rates will discuss California's currently planned rates and where tariffs should head next in order to efficiently maintain distributed energy growth.

Jamie Fine, Director, Energy Research & Senior Economist, Environmental Defense Fund
Matthew Freedman, Staff Attorney, The Utility Reform Network (TURN)
Tom Mercer, Director of Product Management, Opower

Moderator: Steve Propper, Director, Consulting & Content Strategy, GTM Research

DRPs, IDERs, and IRPs: Incorporating Distributed Energy Into Grid Planning

California is in the midst of a variety of proceedings that will help incorporate distributed energy into grid planning and ultimately catalyze further distributed energy growth. This panel will bring those disparate pieces together to provide a cohesive view on California's progression toward a better link between distributed energy and grid infrastructure.

Tom Flynn, Storage & DER Policy Manager, California ISO
Ryan Hanley, Vice President, Grid Solutions, SolarCity
Beth Reid, CEO, Olivine

Moderator: Jeff St. John, Senior Editor, Greentech Media

Fireside Chat

In this fireside chat, the President of the CPUC will discuss his views on California's various distributed energy regulatory proceedings and where he expects the CPUC to take action to further expand distributed energy's role in the state's mix.

Michael Picker, President, California Public Utilities Commission

Moderator: Shayle Kann, Senior Vice President, Research & Strategy, Energy Impact Partners

Crowdsourced Market Insight: The Next Wave of Distributed Energy in CA

In our most popular conference format, this session will take the pulse of California's distributed energy market by polling the audience. Attendees will vote on a series of questions surrounding the future of distributed energy in California, and a panel of experts will present their own votes while reacting to the crowd.

Elisabeth S. Brinton, , Industry Thought Leader
Graham Horn, Vice President, Business Development, Enbala
Tom Starrs, Vice President, Market Strategy & Policy, SunPower Corp.
Manal Yamout, Vice President of Policy & Markets, Advanced Microgrid Solutions

Moderator: Shayle Kann, Senior Vice President, Research & Strategy, Energy Impact Partners

It's All About The Data: Access, Security, and The Future of Grid Analytics

The growth of distributed energy is contingent on the increased availability of data from customers, utilities, and third parties. But data access comes with challenges ranging from technical to security concerns. This panel will discuss the data that is and will become available to foster the distributed energy transition, and how to overcome the challenges presented by making this data widely available.

Larsh Johnson, Chief Technology Officer, Stem
Ameet Konkar, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives, Enphase Energy
Mark Lane, EVP of Demand Response, THG Energy Solutions

Moderator: Ben Kellison, Director, Grid Research, Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables

Designing DER Solutions That Customers Want: Tomorrow's Grid Edge UX

As the California electricity system evolves toward a more distributed landscape, the customer will become increasingly central to the market's future. But distributed energy is only as valuable as the customer finds it, and DER providers need to focus first on designing solutions that delight their customers. This session will dive into the customer mindset and discuss what the end-user really wants out of the distributed energy future.

Rick Counihan, Head of Energy Regulatory & Government Affairs, Nest
Farid Dibachi, Founder & CEO, JLM Energy
Asim Hussain, Vice President, Marketing & Customer Experience, Bloom Energy

Moderator: Omar Saadeh, Senior Analyst, Grid Edge, GTM Research

Networking Break
Financing California's Distributed Energy Future

Who will provide the capital for the distributed energy future?
What types of financing solutions will emerge as the market develops?
What challenges will DER providers face as they seek to raise capital to fund their developments?

In this session, a panel of finance providers will discuss these questions and others to help illuminate the ways in which financing will accelerate, or hinder, California's distributed energy market.

Edwin Feo, President, Coronal Group LLC
Stacey Lawson, CEO, Ygrene

Moderator: Eric Wesoff, Founder , Sage Marketing

CDEF Case Studies: A Window Into The Next-Gen DER Landscape

Case Study 1: ActionDR Peak Load Shifting
Presenter: Abhay Gupta, CEO and Founder, Bidgely

Case Study 2: Vehicle-Grid Integration: The World’s First Demand Clearing House
Presenters: Michelle Bogen, Project Associate, Center for Sustainable Energy & Stephen G. Davis, CEO, KnGrid.

Case Study 3: Using AMI to Turn Energy Efficiency into a DER
Presenter: Matt Golden, CEO, Open Energy Efficiency


Moderator: Steve Propper, Director, Consulting & Content Strategy, GTM Research

Networking Reception
Post-Conference Workshop: Building the Networked Electricity Grid

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