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Will the Real CIGS Vendors Please Stand Up?

Eric Wesoff: March 15, 2009, 11:04 PM
Global Solar claims to lead the pack in flexible CIGS PV More than 35 companies claim to manufacture CIGS-based photovoltaics.  But, only a few of them are actually producing product in meaningful commercial volumes. Large firms like Würth Solar, Avancis (a Shell/St. Gobain joint venture), and Honda are working on CIGS and a number of VC-funded firms are trying to commercialize this technology. But according to Tim Teich, the VP Sales/Marketing at Global Solar, “Global Solar is in the lead. We are the only company with CIGS on flexible substrates in volume production.??? Spun out of ITN Energy in 1996, Global Solar has developed CIGS using multiple deposition methods...

HP Launches Sonata-Based Laptops

Matthew Weinberg: March 15, 2009, 7:24 PM
Same Li-ion technology, but three times the lasting time. HP is today finally launching its Enviro Series notebooks with the tweaked technology inside. The batteries are provided by Boston-Power and are expected to last 1,000 charging cycles, compared to 300 or less from conventional lithium-ion batteries. The Sonata technology from Boston-Power, manufactured by GP Batteries in Hong Kong (see Boston-Power names Asian manufacturing partner), is an improved version of the traditional lithium-ion battery with twice the cell size and an enhanced manufacturing process. The Sonata costs $149, which is toward the high side for HP aftermarket batteries but in the spectrum. HP's...