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New York Energy Week Highlights the Rapid Changes Underway in the Power Sector

New York has emerged as the epicenter of energy market reform.

by Katherine Tweed
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Not Just Another App: How to Spur Digital Engagement in the Energy Industry

How can energy providers capitalize on existing investments and programs while delivering consistent, simple interactions that today’s consumers have grown to expect?


Live Debate: Is Tesla’s Plan to Buy SolarCity a Financial Disaster or a Smart Strategic Move?

In a live taping, the Energy Gang debates Tesla/SolarCity, the future of the smart home, and whether fuel cells will ever be viable.

by Stephen Lacey
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Solar Power Plant Reliability – Why Should We Care?

Solar has the opportunity to avoid the difficult early stage lessons that wind and nuclear industries had to experience the hard way. So getting the up-front decisions right matters.

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Cracking the Code to Grid Congestion

This white paper addresses data management practices in the utility industry, identifying deficiencies that disrupt energy transmission and remedies that can vastly improve system performance.

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Distributed Energy Resources: Seizing Opportunities While Managing Distribution Grid Impacts

This paper identifies many of the issues that can hinder or derail promising DER initiatives and explores strategies utilities and developers can use to ensure projects deliver their promised benefits.

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Itron Resourcefulness Index 2016

Itron surveyed more than 2,000 combined utility executives and informed consumers in 16 key markets around the globe to uncover their perceptions about key challenges and opportunities within the industry.

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PV Module Reliability Scorecard Report 2016

How can buyers and investors factor quality into their procurement discussions?

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Storage 101 for Solar Installers

An easy-to-read guide to help customers prepare to add energy storage to their PV and meet the growing demand for fully integrated energy management solutions.

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System Design Using Sungrow String Inverters

A very clear and easy explanation on the best ways to select string sizes as well as the optimum DC to AC ratios for Sungrow string inverters. 

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Utility Security: Exceeding Mandates to Mitigate Risk

This paper recommends an integrated utility security program that encompasses physical and digital security technology, staffing and training, leadership support, and cross-sector coordination.