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  • The Next Evolution of Demand Response

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    New Brunswick Power talks about how it is leveraging distributed energy resources to create a real-time, dynamic solution to renewable energy firming

    New Brunswick Power has a goal of generating 40 percent of its portfolio from renewables by 2020. Like many utilities looking towards a more renewable future, the utility was faced with solving the capacity firming challenges that come with intermittent energy resources like the wind that blows so freely in the Maritime region of eastern Canada. An important component of the solution involved working with its customers on an innovative distributed energy management initiative focused on demand-side management.

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    In 2016, a new distributed solar PV system is projected to be installed every 83 seconds in the United States. According to GTM Research, distributed solar capacity has more than doubled in the past 2.5 years. This is forcing utilities to examine how to attain the benefits of solar and other distributed energy resources while containing management complexity.

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