The electric power industry is in the early stages of a sea change. From the growing addition of intermittent, often distributed, renewable energy sources to new and efficient ways that residential, commercial and industrial users are consuming electricity, the underpinning grid infrastructure is transforming on an epic scale to that of a networked grid.

The relatively slow-changing power transmission and distribution market is finding itself at the confluence of energy, telecommunications and information technology (IT) markets, driving necessary change and innovation in support of 21st century next-generation utility networks. Leveraging an intelligent network infrastructure, a smart grid enables short- and long-term applications and services that are emerging over the course of the next decade.

This event, underpinned by exclusive market research from GTM Research, a Greentech Media company, will provide insight into the major North American utilities deploying smart grids and the details surrounding their infrastructure and service deployment plans over the next decade.

Smart grid industry visionaries from North American utilities, innovative hardware and software vendors, influential policy makers, financiers and leading industry consortiums will gather at the Pacific Gas & Electric Headquarters in San Francisco for this groundbreaking event.

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