The Soft Grid 2014

Although the foundations of most tech industries are built upon advanced hardware, it is software that provides the tools for industry advancement, maturation and product differentiation. The electric grid industry is no different in this regard. The amount of data being generated on both sides of the meter is staggering and solutions are being put in place to analyze that data and take meaningful action. Now in its third year, The Soft Grid: Data, Analytics and Software-Defined Utility provides a two-day forum to understand the software layers of the grid modernization and how consumer evolution trends will shape the electric utility industry in the years to come.

Topics that will be covered at The Soft Grid: Data, Analytics and Software-Defined Utility this year include:

  • Intelligent grid infrastructure assets giving rise to utility-side analytics and distribution grid optimization
  • The continued growth and evolution of consumer analytics in the age of a next-generation energy system
  • Grid Edge data and analytics shaping a future of utility decentralization and distributed generation
  • Intelligent software-centric solutions for scalable Energy Efficiency programs
  • Networking and control software and applications atop critical utility grid modernization infrastructure
  • The emergence of Cloud-based Infrastructure to support the utility of the future
  • Advanced IP in machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud architectures, energy-centric algorithm development, modern database technologies and much more!
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