WoodMac: 6 Cleantech Startups to Watch

Pretend you’re a cleantech VC. Which companies should you be keeping an eye on right now?

It's debatable whether venture capital is the best way to fund cleantech startups at scale. But the reality is that an influential incubator or fund is often the first rung on a cleantech startup's ladder to growth.

With that in mind, Wood Mackenzie updates a list of "Trailblazer" startups each quarter for its Grid Edge clients. These are cleantech startups that have been validated through their association with one or more leading incubators or funds, and which target key grid edge markets, from energy management to electric vehicles.

The incubators and funds that WoodMac partners with to learn about these companies include Powerhouse, Cyclotron Road and Clean Energy Trust.

The full Trailblazers list includes buzzed-about startups such as DandelionLeap and Heliolytics. Below, WoodMac analysts comment on a few additional Trailblazer startups that haven't popped up as much in the news cycle yet ⁠— but which are addressing key challenges in the grid edge space and beyond.

Mysa Smart Thermostats

Darcy Solutions


Ensemble Energy

Nikola Power



Wood Mackenzie Grid Edge clients can access the full Trailblazers list within the Data Hub tool.