AI-Powered Hyper-Personalization, AMI Analytics And Unlocking New Utility Business Models

How many segments does your utility use to categorize its residential customers? If the answer is not the same as the number of residential customers that it serves, there is still work to be done.

As customers adjust to hyper-personalized offerings from their banks, retailers, airlines and streaming services, there is increasing pressure on utilities to be more fully integrated in their customer's lives than ever before. Changing regulatory rules, more frequent extreme weather events, and the growth of self-generation options have only hastened the need for utilities to proactively meet their customers where they are.

Through AI-powered hyper-personalization, Bidgely's patented processes provide insights about the habits and consumption patterns for a "segment of one," allowing utilities to effortlessly own the relationship with their customer and while maximizing the value of assets like distributed energy resources, electric vehicle infrastructure, and targeted load shaping.

Download this white paper to learn more about the options available today for utilities, and the capabilities for the future as AI enables increasingly deeper insights.

The Active Grid: A Case for Edge Intelligence on the Lower Voltage Network

In the face of mounting technical and business challenges associated with distributed generation and other disruptive technologies, utilities must rethink their strategies and operational approaches to assure the stability of the grid and the success of their business. A distributed grid requires distributed intelligence to operate it. Technology advancements—such as distributed intelligence, machine-to-machine communication and IoT convergence—are redefining what’s possible in grid operations, customer service and business development.

By strategically implementing edge intelligence into distribution networks, utilities will not only assure the reliability, efficiency and safety of the grid, they will also stake out an enviable competitive position as they march down the path to the transactive energy marketplace of the future. This white paper highlights how the evolution of the distribution model, the rise of prosumers, limited grid visibility and a shifting data paradigm has paved the way for distributed intelligence.

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