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Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) programs have driven significant solar development activity in seven key U.S. states: Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.

SRECTrade has been at the forefront of these markets since 2008, providing liquidity, transparency and an unparalleled amount of insight into the complex movements of SREC prices across all of these states. Through its public monthly auctions and over-the-counter spot and forward contracts, SRECTrade has structured transactions for players at every level of the solar industry.

This quarterly report series from GTM Research and SRECTrade offers the most primary historical and forward-looking analysis on each of these seven SREC markets. It puts SREC prices into perspective within the context of supply-demand dynamics and a constantly evolving regulatory environment. Each quarterly report includes:

  • Qualitative state-by-state SREC market analysis
  • Regulatory policies affecting SREC state markets
  • Quarterly bid/offer SREC pricing by state
  • Data & analysis on SREC supply by state
  • Historical SREC prices by state
  • Updated RPS figures for each SREC market



ADDED VALUE: In addition to the quarterly reports described above, annual subscribers to the SREC Market Monitor receive streaming news and analysis on state-specific markets throughout the year. These updates take the form of one-page research notes and cover the latest developments across U.S. SREC markets. Past titles have included: Massachusetts Outlook for Vintage 2012 SRECs, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Signs SREC Legislation, Updated Solar Capacity in SREC States.

This report is published in conjunction with SRECTrade.


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