VC Investment In Solar: Entrepreneurs, Innovation and Capital 2005 - 2009


VC investment in the solar industry has gone from a few deals in 2004 to more than $1B in 2007. This phenomenal investment growth is spurring innovation and efficiency in every sector of the booming $18B solar industry. We are seeing a VC-funded entrepreneurial wave get the attention of incumbent solar vendors, private equity investors, government, and even reach the public consciousness at the consumer level.

This Greentech Intelligence Report tracks and analyzes VC investment in solar with an eye towards the future. We look at the trajectories of the current start-up crop, profile an aspirant in each solar sector, and interview as well as poll a number of leading solar VC investors (most of whom have plans for further solar investments in 2007 and 2008).

VC Investment in Solar: 2005-2009 takes a close look at the investments and investors in the solar power market - a market growing at 35% per year and expected to do so for the next five years. VCs are making investments across all solar PV market sectors and this reports looks at the opportunities and new players in:

  • c-Si
  • Thin film solar cells
  • Emerging PV technologies
  • Concentrating Solar
  • Solar project integration, installation, and finance
  • Thermal solar
  • Balance of plant

This report is invaluable for anyone needing to gauge the enormous flow of venture capital into solar and track the sheer number of new solar companies in this exciting and technology-rich industry. The interviews with Venture Capitalists provide insight into where the next billion dollars of solar VC will be invested.

VC Investment In Solar: Entrepreneurs, Innovation and Capital 2005 - 2009 includes a complete listing of every VC-funded solar firm in the US over the last three years. The author, Eric Wesoff, writes the Venture Power Report, and is a senior analyst at Greentech Media. He has been an analyst, speaker, and writer in the renewable energy field since 2004.

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