U.S. PV Racking 2017: Landscape, Pricing and Forecasts

by Beryl Weinshenker

The U.S. PV racking market is in for a challenging few years ahead. After topping out at over $2 billion in 2016, overall sales of residential, commercial and utility-scale PV racking systems will fall to $1.2 billion in 2018. Rail-less systems, which accounted for just under a gigawatt of U.S. PV installations in 2016, will be the only segment to experience market value growth over the next five years.

While the competitive landscape is quite varied, each segment has a handful of companies that constitute the majority of installations. Furthermore, most companies in the space are specialized with only a few vendors that span multiple markets.

Each Segment Has A Distinct Group of Leaders, Few Vendors Span Multiple Markets

Solar PV Racking Vendor Landscape

This new report from GTM Research provides forecasts and vendor market shares across six racking segments: rail-based residential, rail-less residential, low-slope racking, fixed-tilt ground mount, tracking, and carports and canopy structures.

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Beryl Weinshenker Consultant

Beryl has a deep construction background and a BS in Civil Engineering from Montana State University. He has extensive experience in both the technical and commercial aspects of PV projects and products, and has worked for several racking and module manufacturers. Beryl also holds several solar patents, and is a UL 2703 Committee Member and SunShot reviewer. In addition to Beryl's role as a Project Manager and Independent Engineer at DNV GL, he owns a consulting and development company called All Correct Solar. His past clients and partners include Yellowstone National Park, Toyota and the Department of Energy.

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