The Impact of Electric Vehicles on the Grid: Customer Adoption, Grid Load and Outlook

by Timotej Gavrilovic

The electrification of passenger vehicles has become increasingly a part of decarbonization conversations in energy policy and business. Prior to 2010, Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimated a total of 57,000 EVs in use. Between 2010 and 2015, EV sales surpassed 400,000 vehicles with a value of $15 billion.

As long as current trends of increasing consumer interest and decreasing costs continue, EV adoption could increase to 12 million vehicles by 2025. This market growth will have a significant impact to existing and planned grid infrastructure, creating opportunities for existing stakeholders and new market players who can create integrated solutions for the EV driver, electric utility, wholesale energy market and aggregators.

Load Impacts by ISO - 2015 (GWh and %)

Each of our reports in this two-part series on electric vehicles provide background on the current market, and serve as an analytical toolkit that presents modeling and scenario analysis extending through 2025. The analysis looks into possible impacts to load, demand, distribution and transmission, peak usage and electric rates in specific geographies and nationwide.

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Timotej Gavrilovic Consultant

Timotej Gavrilovic is an independent consultant and entrepreneur, currently serving on the advisory board of an early-stage start-up focused on distributed generation, Renw. His consulting focus is on the nexus of demand-side energy resources, such as energy efficiency, demand response, electric vehicles, distributed generation and dynamic pricing, as well as data science and analytics. In addition to consulting work, Timotej is an independent researcher for GTM Research, focusing on electric vehicles. Timotej is also a partner in two early stage entrepreneurial ventures in the food and beverage industry in South East Europe.

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