The Future of Thin Film Solar

by Travis Bradford, Sorin Grama, Alok Bhargava

Greentech Media's inaugural research report, The Future of Thin Film Solar, is the first of a series of joint projects with the esteemed Prometheus Institute. The Institute's president, Travis Bradford, is the author of the book Solar Revolution and a recognized expert on solar technologies and market trends.

The Future of Thin Film Solar analyzes the technical merits of different thin-film solar technologies, their mark ets and applications, manufacturing costs and prices and the dynamics of a growing and exciting new industry. The 75 page report identifies more than 80 companies planning to provide thin film products and explores the manufacturing methods and product differentiators for various technological approaches, including:

  • Amorphous Silicon (a-Si)
  • Cadmium Telluride (CdTe)
  • Copper Indium (Gallium) di-Selenide (CIS/CIGS)
  • Emerging (Dye-sensitized, Organic or Nano-materials)
  • The report also includes market data about the major manufacturers by region and technology, as well as a discussion of the feedstock issues that could affect this growing industry segment. It projects thin-film production volumes, costs and market dynamics through 2015.

Packing the substantial insight of the authors into an easy-to-use format, this report is invaluable for anyone who is interested in understanding thin-film photovoltaic technology and industry dynamics.

Travis Bradford Consultant, President of the Prometheus Institute

Travis Bradford is one of the world’s leading experts on innovative energy technologies, markets, and economics.

Sorin Grama Consultant

Sorin Grama holds a Masters of Science in Engineering and Management from MIT and is the president and co-founder of a renewable energy start-up based in Cambridge, MA.  Before coming to MIT, Sorin worked for 12 years as an engineering consultant and was the co-owner of a systems integration business in California focusing on developing test, measurement and automation systems for a diverse base of clients ranging from biotech to telecom and aerospace.  Sorin researched and co-authored the prior thin-? lm solar report published by the Prometheus Institute and Greentech Media in 2007.

Alok Bhargava Consultant

Alok Bhargava joins Greentech Media from Motorola where he was instrumental in shaping Motorola's strategy for its wireline access business, particularly its fast-growing fiber-access business; in addition he managed the EMEA and LAC wireline access network markets based on an integrated marketing and sales strategy that spanned Motorola's video and home networking expertise. Prior to Motorola, Alok held leadership positions in system architecture and software engineering with Sycamore Networks and FORE Systems (acquired by Marconi and, subsequently, Ericsson).

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