The Future of Spain’s Solar PV and Wind Energy Markets

by Oliver Guinness

This 40-page report, complete with over 30 charts and graphs, provides insights into the future of solar PV and onshore and offshore wind markets in Spain, ranked as the second most attractive county in the world in the Ernst & Young "renewable energy country attractiveness index".

Spain continues to maintain its position as the second most attractive country because of its climate and by eliminating the barriers that impede the growth of the sector. From a climate standpoint, Spain boasts the third best wind conditions in europe after ireland and France and Southern Spain has the highest solar insolation levels in all of europe.

This report focuses primarily on the state of the Spanish PV and wind power markets and the policy developments impacting the growth of them. In particular, it focuses on:

  • Macro developments within the European Union (EU) affecting the sector
  • Spain's feed-in-tariff system which is governed by the plan for renewable energy 2005-2010 (per) along with royal decrees 436/2004 and 661/2007
  • The economic and non-economic barriers impacting growth
  • Various other types of financial and R&D support provided by the EU and German government to renewable energy companies.
Oliver Guinness Consultant
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