SREC Market Monitor: 1st Quarter 2013

by SRECTrade

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San Francisco based SRECTrade, Inc. was founded by graduate students at Stanford University in late 2007. The company first focused on solar technology applications, but soon shifted their attention to Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs). The first SREC program was started in New Jersey in 2005 and it represented a shift away from fixed subsidy programs, such as the feed-in tariffs popular in Europe, towards a market-based approach for encouraging solar development.

The post-installation sale of SRECs has become a key component to the economics driving solar in several of the leading U.S. states. SRECTrade plays a key role in the success of the SREC programs by establishing SREC markets and educating stakeholders. As more states turn their attention to developing renewable energy, SRECs figure to play a prominent role in achieving these goals.

At the core of SRECTrade's service is a turnkey solution for managing the creation and sale of the SRECs produced by solar facilities. SRECTrade also provides innovative solutions to help businesses, individuals, installation firms and investors make the leap towards a solar future. 

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