Residential Solar-Plus-Storage Economic Analysis 2018: Insights From AZ, CA, HI and MA

by Brett Simon

The economics of solar-plus-storage are changing. This report explores several key cases of utilities that are introducing new rate structures which radically alter the case for solar-plus-storage, though they do not necessarily make this configuration a better choice than solar alone. The results of GTM Research’s analysis reveal an interesting picture for a market in transition, where in some cases solar-plus-storage is nearing competitiveness with solar-only, while in others, solar-plus-storage remains far from economical.

The report examines the key markets of Arizona, California, Hawaii and Massachusetts, which are in the process of rate reform and thus merit study to understand the economic case for solar-plus-storage. It also presents a discussion and economic results for several utilities in these markets.

This report is available for purchase or as part of GTM Research's Energy Storage Service.

Brett Simon Analyst, Energy Storage

Brett Simon is an energy storage analyst at GTM Research, focusing on both U.S. and international energy storage markets. Prior to joining GTM, Brett earned a Master of Science degree in Sustainable Systems at the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources & the Environment. He first became interested in energy storage systems and their potential to revolutionize the energy sector through his coursework and master's project. Brett also holds bachelor's degrees in mathematics and environmental studies from New York University.

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