PV Technology, Production and Cost Outlook: 2010-2015


After a robust 2010, the global photovoltaic (PV) industry is entering an era of considerable uncertainty; the industry is becoming more complex and multi-faceted with the challenges of broader market opportunity, shifting bankability windows, alternative technology competition, and new business strategies (i.e., downstream integration, contract manufacturing) playing a major role in altering the face of the industry’s maturing, competitive landscape. 

These market characteristics are adding more profound layers to an already dynamic and volatile confluence of technology, policy, and financial environments.  In such a market, the need for granular yet comprehensive data and analysis becomes absolutely essential in assessing the positioning and strategic direction of market participants.

Report Scope and Questions for Competitive Decision-making

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Source: GTM Research

Spanning the entire breadth of the PV supply chain, from polysilicon to module production, and including over 225 exhibits featuring primary, relevant data points, GTM Research's PV Technology, Production and Cost Outlook: 2010-2015 covers every aspect of the current PV industry– from analysis of technical parameters such as energy yield and efficiency to facility-specific capacities, production data and rankings by module manufacturer.

Efficiency / Bankability-adjusted Supply Stack, 2011

Source: GTM Research

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