Non-Wires Alternatives Projects: Emerging Utility Revenue Sources for the Distributed Energy Market

by Daniel Munoz-Alvarez

Non-wires alternatives, or NWAs, are nontraditional measures that defer, mitigate, or potentially eliminate the need for traditional utility transmission and distribution (T&D) investments. By engaging in load-modifying distributed generation and storage technologies, NWAs offer utilities a mechanism through which to leverage the growth of distributed energy resources.

NWA Capacity by Year of Project Announcement

This report provides an overview of the state of NWA projects and the key issues surrounding them. It examines regulatory incentives and how utilities can use NWAs to monetize the value of T&D deferral. It also highlights individual projects in New York, California, Vermont and Maine, examining both the technology and regulatory environment surrounding these projects.

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Daniel Munoz-Alvarez Analyst, Grid Edge

Daniel is a Grid Edge Analyst at GTM Research. He focuses on distribution automation, utility network operations, grid edge network analytics and utilities’ non-wires alternative projects. Prior to GTM, Daniel pursued a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a minor in Applied Economics at Cornell University. Throughout his doctoral studies, he examined the restructuring of electricity markets for the integration of renewable energy, energy storage, and distributed energy resources. He graduated magna cum laude from Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia with master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Engineering.

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