Research Note - Module Procurement Trends in the U.S. Residential Market

by Allison Mond

Over the past few quarters, module prices have declined drastically due to a global supply-demand imbalance, having major implications for system pricing. As prices fluctuate, it is important for installers to develop and maintain relationships with module manufacturers and distributors that can provide consistent service and competitive pricing.

Meanwhile, the makeup of the residential solar market is changing. Small installers are making up a larger portion of the residential market, and the modules that these installers use varies greatly from that of their larger competitors. This data-driven report explores the relationship between installers of all sizes and module manufacturers and distributors, as well as how installer size and financing trends affect those relationships.

Top Module Suppliers to the U.S. Residential Solar Market, Q1-Q3 2016

Solar Module Supplier Market Shares

Report Contents (including 37 slides and 25 figures):

  1. Introduction and Methodology
  2. Module Procurement by Top Installers
  3. Module Procurement by Mid-Size Installers
  4. Module Procurement by Long-Tail Installers
  5. Conclusions

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Allison Mond Analyst, Solar

Allison is a Solar Analyst at GTM Research, focusing on the competitive landscape of the U.S. downstream solar market and leading data collection and aggregation for the U.S. PV Leaderboard. Prior to joining GTM, Allison was a Senior Analyst at Compass Lexecon, an economic consulting firm, where she did research and data analysis for litigation and regulatory cases in the electricity and natural gas industries.  Allison holds a B.A. in Economics from Colby College.

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