Energy Management Platforms for Commercial Customers: Applications, Trends and Competitive Landscape


Commercial customers have access to a variety of technologies to manage energy. As technologies for the onsite generation and storage of energy become more widespread, so do technologies that support smarter consumption of energy. This report focuses on software-based technologies that add intelligence to energy consumption in commercial buildings by providing the means for building operators to identify and respond to cost-saving opportunities.

Representative Architecture for Energy Management Platforms

Representative Architecture for Energy Management Platforms

There is no standardized energy management platform, and vendors in this landscape generally specialize in niche software applications or market segments. These software applications include visualization of energy use, alerts for cost-saving opportunities, recommendation of improvements to building operations, and automated response to opportunities for energy and cost savings.

This 50-page report describes the potential value to be drawn from various software applications and examines differentiation among vendors. Furthermore, the report addresses how customer needs are impacting technology development and emerging opportunities in the energy management platform market.

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