North American DER Management Systems 2017: Market Evolution, Competitive Analysis and Forecast

by Andrew Mulherkar

The proliferation of DERs presents potential issues and economic opportunities. The potential issues are front-of-mind for utilities, which must provide safe and reliable electricity. Yet even while utilities mitigate voltage issues caused by distributed solar PV, for example, they see potential revenues from monetizing an aggregation of solar PV systems in wholesale markets. Developers and demand response providers see the same potential revenues from aggregating DERs of all types to sell into wholesale markets, delivering stronger customer value propositions, and monetizing the resources in future distribution-level power markets. Meanwhile, the technology providers that will enable DER management at scale see the beginnings of a market.

The required operational technology is generally referred to as “DER management systems,” or “DERMS.” There is wide variation among the types of technology platforms that the market labels as “DERMS.” Broadly speaking, DERMS can remotely control DERs to meet the objectives of the user. DERMS can be characterized as software-based platforms that provide the ability to continuously manage diverse and dispersed DERs, both individually and in aggregate, to support multiple objectives related to distribution grid operations, end-customer value, or market participation.

This report provides insight into:

  • The functions encompassed by the term DERMS and how they are distinguished from similar grid edge technologies
  • Market drivers in the U.S. and Canada
  • Vendor profiles and their respective DERMS products and services
  • An approximation of the size and growth of the DER management system market

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Andrew Mulherkar Senior Analyst, Grid Edge

Andrew is a senior grid analyst at GTM Research, where he has authored research on venture investment, grid modernization, demand-side management and unregulated utility service offerings. His coverage spans across a variety of technologies and services that enable end users to manage energy consumption and costs, with a particular focus on the non-residential market. Prior to joining the analyst team, Andrew worked on digital marketing for Greentech Media's online team. Andrew formerly worked for Climate Corps, a corporate energy efficiency program within the Environmental Defense Fund, and the Green Project at NDN, a think tank and advocacy organization. He graduated summa cum laude from Tufts University with a B.A. in International Relations.

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