Customer Analytics at the Grid Edge: Market Landscape, Forecast and Key Trends


As the consumerization of energy slowly becomes a reality, traditional customer-facing data tools are maturing to reflect this trend. This is not without precedent, as many other competitive industries have spent heavily on technology to improve their customer acquisition and engagement efforts. Over the next decade, GTM Research predicts that U.S. utilities will invest significantly in customer analytics software, creating a market opportunity of more than 2 billion dollars.

Customer Analytics Vendor Landscape

This slide-based report details the various grid edge customer analytics software offerings available, market drivers for these solutions, and forecasts for both product innovation and market growth within this segment. The analysis builds on previous “soft grid” research, focusing specifically on customer-facing solutions that are either offered through a utility, direct-to-customer, or other emerging business models.

Companies Profiled Include:

Bidgely | C3 Energy | Comverge | Ecova | EnerNOC | EnergyHub | EnergySavvy | FirstFuel | Nexant | Onzo | Opower | Simple Energy | Tendril | Large Infrastructure Vendors

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