Leaked DOE Grid Report Puts Rick Perry in an Awkward Position. What Will the Final Draft Look Like?

On this week’s Interchange podcast, we debate the consequences of the leaked DOE grid reliability study. Plus, we talk about corporate strategies for buying 100% renewable energy.

In April, Energy Secretary Rick Perry requested an analysis on whether renewable energy poses a threat to baseload power plants and the broader health of the grid.

Last week, an early draft of that highly anticipated report was leaked. It concluded that renewables are not destabilizing the power sector.

The leaked version pointed to a natural-gas glut, aging power plant fleets and flattening demand as the cause of baseload retirement -- not wind and solar.

Now the question becomes: How will the final version change? And does it now put the department in an awkward position? We debate the ethics and consequences of the leak.

In the second half of the show, we talk with Hervé Touati, managing director of the Rocky Mountain Institute, about the latest trends in corporate renewable energy purchasing. The federal government may have walked away from its climate commitments, but corporations are doing more than ever -- and we’ll look at how deals are getting more complex.

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