webinar: Energy Storage

Why Flexibility is Critical in Residential Energy Storage

With or without PV, the widespread adoption of residential energy storage is a foregone conclusion. However, successfully achieving this revolutionary energy transition depends on the deployment of storage systems that are both flexible and future-proof. Homeowners must obtain storage solutions that address the unique aspects of their utility rates and policies while optimizing the payback period on their investment. Likewise, solar professionals need to offer systems that are simple and flexible in order to maximize their bottom line. In this webinar, we’ll discuss residential storage solutions that address the needs of all parties including distributors, installers and homeowners. 

Also included in the program will be a special guest speaker from LG Chem, who will provide an expert’s perspective on the flexibility and superiority of high-voltage battery technology for grid-tied residential energy storage. 

In this webinar you will learn: 

  • How PV installers can decrease the cost of customer acquisition by leveraging a massive installed base.
  • Where storage is growing rapidly and the market drivers for that growth including evolving utility policies.
  • The unique challenges presented by each residential storage system and why flexibility is key in addressing those challenges.
  • How to evaluate utility policy, energy prices and residential load profiles to effectively size a storage system.
  • Why it’s important to leverage future-proof energy storage solutions with the ability to address forthcoming changes in utility rates and policies.
  • The benefits of and use cases for high-voltage battery technology.