webinar: Solar

When Clouds are Good for Solar: Next-Level Solar Design with Cloud Computing

Gaining a competitive edge in the solar industry is challenging.  The sheer number of factors to consider during the course of system design forces even the most sophisticated developers/EPCs to make assumptions and take shortcuts that could result in a sub-optimal design, especially if certain high-impact factors (i.e. GCR, string size, module/inverter technology, etc.) are not considered.

In an effort to advance solar design technology, FTC Solar and Parallel Works have created the SunDAT Web Service, allowing anyone to leverage the combined power of cloud computing and SunDAT, the solar design platform used by some of the world’s top developers and EPCs.  The SunDAT Web Service gives the user the power to generate and analyze hundreds of design options within minutes.  The designs created are not just numbers in a database…they are real designs that can each be assessed visually in 3D.  And the SunDAT Web Service is not only for design optimization; it can also be used for site prospecting/selection, for modeling single-axis tracker shading on terrain, and for any complex task where parallel processing can be applied.

If you’re eager to gain a competitive advantage with your solar designs and want to learn about how cloud computing is transforming the industry, please join us to see the SunDAT Web Service in action.  Every attendee will learn how to access a free trial of the web service which can be used for your own projects.