What Does Energy Storage Success Look Like?

Completed in December 2003, Golden Valley Electric Association's (GVEA) Battery Energy Storage System was an initiative to improve their member's reliability of service. The primary benefits that the BESS achieved was to instantly contribute to system stability following a loss of a major transmission line or generator, and also provide spinning reserves to allow generation units to run at optimized levels - resulting in significant savings. GVEA will take you behind the scenes to let you in on their lessons learned, how they built their business case, share what it takes to maintain their system, and reveal where this pioneering company is going next.

This webinar will also explore how technology has changed over the past decade and what innovations are on the horizon. We'll also look at the market drivers, regulations and opportunities for the future of energy storage. Don't miss this chance to learn from this historic 14-year energy storage project that's still going strong.