webinar: Grid Edge

Unlocking Distribution Value Streams: The Role of Integrated Planning

Integrated distribution planning represents a fundamental change to the traditional approach that utilities have taken to plan their distribution systems. It involves developing new capabilities and processes to inform the continued integration of DER on the grid and requires enabling mechanisms to capture and quantify the benefit of these resources to the system. The ways in which utilities can use these enhanced system capabilities to achieve strategic objectives will fundamentally depend on a clear articulation of use cases that link technology deployment to value creation. Integrated distribution planning provides that link and enables utilities to prioritize foundational investments on their distribution systems in order to leverage DER assets to maximize the overall system value it provides to its customers.

This webinar will explore the current state of Integrated Distribution Planning and how advanced planning systems can direct execution to meet utility objectives and drive value for customers.

ICF’s Samir Succar will discuss how a focus on use cases can help drive value in planning outcomes and how to leverage integrated planning capabilities related to aspects such as forecasting and hosting capacity to enable the objectives of customers, utilities and developers.

Then, Joshua Wong CEO of Opus One Solutions will describe the company’s pioneering efforts in deploying a platform based approach to Integrated Distribution Planning and how technology and process can help utilities visualize the impacts of increasing DER penetration, support better investment decisions through analysis of alternatives and direct the design of DER programs. Objectives and lessons learned from recent utility engagements will be discussed.

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