Transitioning the Utility Business Model from Kilowatts to Kilobytes

Disruption in the energy industry is on. Renewables paired with storage and the growing rate of adoption in technologies like electric vehicles (EVs) are forever disrupting grid operations. Utilities that own too little consumer mindshare when it comes to buying or using these modern technology advancements could see the future control of grid capacity shift into the hands of entities controlling these large loads (think: EV charging companies).

To win the game, utilities need to garner a deep understanding of each individual customer and how they interact with their services. Gone are the days of segmenting a million consumers into 10 broad segments. Consumers are experiencing hyper personalization from tech giants like Netflix and Google, and this is the new bar the energy industry needs to meet, or beat.

Artificial intelligence can help utilities understand each consumer in depth with data and interactions utilities may already possess. The key is developing deeply accurate analytics and actionable insights from this data - appliances, behaviors, habits, lifestyle, buying patterns, propensity to buy, channels of communication and more.

Learn how to transform your customer data into business intelligence for myriad use cases in this talk from the company that invented deep analytics and applied AI techniques for utilities.