The Grid-Connected Home with Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables

Energy in the home is in the midst of a transformation. The growth of distributed solar, storage, electric vehicles and connected devices, along with the electrification of space and water heating is changing residential households' energy profile -- and making that profile more controllable.

This webinar examines how connected devices with two-way communications enable a resident's home to no longer be viewed as a passive load, but as a collection of grid-interactive assets that can be orchestrated to improve grid operations and customer engagement. Beyond home appliances, the webinar also delves into the drivers behind the rapidly growing residential solar-plus-storage market. Q1 2018 sees almost as much residential storage deployed as in all of 2017.

Discussion will also cover system architecture, value streams, business models and policy surrounding U.S. residential storage, all of which contribute to a paradigm whereby distributed solar-plus-storage can aid in peak demand reduction and customer bill savings.