webinar: Solar

The Four Key Issues Shaping Latin America’s Solar Market

Latin America has been grabbing headlines, with triple-digit growth signaling that the region is on a path for rapid growth and expansion. Whether you are working for one of the market-leading companies already in the region, or are a new player trying to create a robust market entry strategy, this webinar will help you understand some of the key issues shaping the future. Specifically, GTM will address the transformative growth in Latin America's four biggest sub-regional markets: Mexico, Central America, Chile, and Brazil.

  • What will be the implications of reform on the Mexican solar market? With Mexico transitioning to a competitive energy market, how will solar business models change?
  • Does risk outweigh reward in project development in Central America? Recent solar investments in Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, and Honduras have put Central America on the map. What risks should participants be considering?
  • How will the Chilean market change in the near-term? Hundreds of megawatts have been commissioned in Chile this year. How will policy, grid access, and market forces change the market in the future?
  • Do the complexities of the Brazilian market outweigh the investment? Brazil is a high potential market, with over 200 million people and a vicious drought spurring a mandate for new generation. Yet challenges with financing and policy have hindered market growth to date. What changes could send the market in a positive direction?