webinar: Grid Edge

The Distribution Automation Market: 2012 Trends, Technologies and Communication Development

We are now approaching a new age of distribution automation (DA), and successful market penetration will require the use of innovative technologies and strategies. With utilities investing a significant amount of capital into infrastructure, communication, and software for the distribution grid, it is more important than ever that they carefully consider how to design DA networks most effectively. Current utility DA upgrades are just beginning to scratch the surface of what will be required to support the proliferation of distributed renewables and electric vehicles. New capacitor banks, voltage regulators, and load tap changers, along with the retrofit of older units with monitoring and control modules to allow for feeder, substation, or system-wide coordination will be crucial for the next-gen grid.

Furthermore, with much of the smart grid M&A over the past two years centering on acquisition of communications companies, and considering the rapid and comparatively high return on investment of distribution systems over smart meter programs, GTM Research believes that the (largely undeveloped) DA market represents the greatest opportunity to reap the benefits of the smart grid.

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