The Code to Closing Today’s Residential Solar Deals

Note: Our recent webinar was well received – with scores of questions from the audience.  Please note that there were audio problems with the first 6 minutes and 40 seconds of the Webinar.  If you experience difficulties hearing the presenter – as some have – please note that the audio is corrected at 6:41.

Like every innovation, residential solar PV is making its way through the technology adoption lifecycle. The ‘chasm’, or gap between the early adopters and early majority customers, is where most new technologies fail and where countless companies die. Except for Hawaii, every solar market in the U.S. is still tapping into the ‘innovator’ and ‘early adopter’ population, as shown in the chart below. Even in California, residential solar has yet to ‘cross the chasm’ and reach mainstream consumers.

While the solar industry achieved great progress in improving solar system design, equipment, and installation, residential PV remains a complex product, and a difficult one to sell. Stubbornly-high costs of sales clearly indicate that solar, as it is offered today, is not fully ready for mass market adoption.

Join executive consultant and market analyst Cedric Brehaut from SOLICHAMBA and Mark Liffmann, CEO and Founder of Omnidian, to learn:

  • How the market is pivoting from third-party ownership (TPO) to direct customer ownership (DCO)
  • Which challenges await solar consumers turned power producers
  • What a new nationwide consumer research reveals about solar buyers’ appetite for protection plans
  • The increase in solar purchase intentions when long-term protection plans are included