webinar: Grid Edge

Releasing the Full Capacity of DERs through Flexibility

Today’s energy system is transitioning from the traditional electrical grid into a distributed, dynamic energy network. With the rapid integration of distributed energy resources (DERs) at the grid edge, supply and demand are becoming increasingly intermittent and in need of strategic control. In a transformed power system, the key to balance is harnessing data to flex with the ebb and flow of energy. Flexibility prompts reliable and affordable energy delivery, while meeting ever-rising customer expectations and regulatory mandates.

In this webinar AutoGrid’s Jeffrey Norman, an expert in grid modernization initiatives, will discuss the harnessing of flexible capacity from DERs—including distributed generation, energy storage and demand response— to balance energy supply and demand in real time, increase the productivity of energy assets, and deliver new energy services to customers. The speaker will discuss use cases— including demand response management, virtual power plants, DERMS, and storage optimization—which all demonstrate the power of flexibility to create new revenue streams and deliver clean, affordable, reliable power from the grid edge.