webinar: Efficiency

Raising the Roof – How Finance, Policy, and Technology are Driving Global EE Retrofits

We all know that energy efficiency is the ‘low-hanging fruit’, yet the market for EE retrofits has been miniscule compared to its potential. Well, to quote Bob Dylan, “the times they are a changin.”  2013/14 is set to be a transformational time for EE and this webinar will explore the policy, technology, and financial opportunities driving global and national projects. The Carbon War Room’s energy efficiency team recently concluded a 30 month project working with 30 global cities on four continents and will be sharing some of the key insights and lessons learned from the forthcoming publication, “Raising the Roof: How to Create Climate Wealth Through Efficient Buildings.”

On the policy front, we will explore how de-coupling, benchmarking, PPPs, and credit enhancement drive retrofits whereas rebates do not; on technology, we will look at how the proliferation of “Big Data” changes the way that asset owners and sustainability directors view the energy consumed in their portfolios and the options to act upon in a capital efficient manner; from a finance perspective, we will discuss recent innovations that are now getting market traction like PACE, On-Bill Repayment, and Energy Service Agreements, while also considering how REITs and MLPs could drive new capital sources into EE projects.


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